Home repair & Maintenance: Experienced professionals at Best1 are here to handle all types of carpentry from rough to finish, anything from termite repair on exterior fascia boards to installing base boards, or newer better looking door casings, even hanging crown molding on the interior of your home. We also can tune-up existing doors, or replace and hang some new ones. Best1 has the skill when it comes to quality carpentry.

Plumbing: We can help you with common plumbing issues like clogged drains, broken toilets, and water heater install.

Electrical: When you have an electrical issue in question or have a ceiling fan that needs to be hung or would like to lighten up a dark space inside or outside your home you can rely on Best1.  We can also upgrade all your interior recessed light from incadescent to LED's, saving you money on your electric bill.

Installation & Assembly: Some tasks seem tedious because they are, we can mount Flat Screen TV's, install appliances. Best1 can help accomplish these sometimes difficult tasks so you don't have to.

Drywall repair: Bad drywall repairs are easy to spot. Sometimes it’s just easier to install a clean sheet of drywall then try to patch things up. But whatever the case may be we will apply the drywall plaster. Tape the seams or holes, match existing textures (orange peel), prime, match any paint to match existing paint if needed.

Decks: Whether it is simple repairs on your outdoor deck, or the planning and building a new one, Best 1 can supply you with ideas and material options that can bring empty unused area to life.
Fencing. Fences can add a great look to any yard or garden area. We can install pre-built fencing supplied at big box home improvement stores or construct custom fences that look great. And you can trust Best1 to use quality outdoor material that will last in outdoor environments.

Painting: Painting is a good way to improve the look of any room, or to revitalize the exterior curb appeal of your home. But not everyone is a painter, and not every handyman’s a painter either. Painting requires good preparation as well as paying attention to details. Trust Best1 to get your painting projects done and last for many years to come.

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