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You may have heard; "You've tried the rest now try the best."  It maybe a little cliche but its true.  Best1 Handyman employees are courteous, professional and knowledgeable in their skills and craftsmanship.  We are licensed and bonded and have the Know-How to get all kinds of projects and tasks completed correctly and professionally.  If your looking for quality craftsmanship then look no further. If your serious about quality work then hire us to get your job done.  If you have tried the rest, then we hope now you try Best1. You wont be disappointed. 

Two tips we would like to offer is have a To-Do-List, and secondly,  you might take a few pictures of the items you need accomplished and/or fixed; this is to help us better understand the task, come up with a solution and to come prepared. Send them to us via email or text; this way we are better able to establish which package is the Best1 for you.

Send pictures via Text or email:

 Text: (818) 919-9424        Email:   

 Most home repairs, assemblies, installations, and maintenance tasks can fit into one of the two categories below. For bigger projects we're happy to provide you with an estimate.


  • House Call 1= $99  First hour. $50 each additional hour.  Any materials purchased are presented for reimbursement upon completion of work.
  • House Call 2= We can provide you with an estimate or proposal for our work including material (usually reserved for work over $500).

For longer jobs/tasks lasting more than a couple of days we can estimate the time for the project at hand and let you know how much is should cost in labor plus the cost of any material that may need to be purchased. We are able to handle many home improvement tasks ranging from painting to plumbing to electrical to carpentry. Best1 is committed to doing quality work that conforms to local building codes.  We pay attention to detail and when we fix it- it's fixed! Guaranteed. 



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